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No Credit Card Needed - No Extra Bills to Pay - No Pin Number to Enter - No Account to Open!
Our aim is to help everyone make fatastic savings on telephone calls.
An instant dial service that allows callers to dial internationally for the price of a national call. Go to the Just Dial Logo below to find out more......
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Kiss goodbye to international call charges!
Now you can call abroad for the price of a UK call!

Just Dial is a revolutionary instant dial service, allowing you to make savings on calls to destinations worldwide, right here, right now - without the need to open an account or give any credit card details or get yet another bill through your door. All you need is a phone, the relevant instant dial access number and someone to call!

1) Dial the relevant Just Dial access number for the country you wish to call.

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Compare with BT

2) At the prompt dial your international destination number in full (including 00)

That's it, you're connected. No credit cards required, no signup required, no accounts, no bills from Just Dial. Just Cheap International Calls at National Call Rates.

"Excellent, I can call my girlfriend in South Africa on her mobile for the price of a national call !"
Stephen, Salford

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Never before has there been a more instant hassle free way to save on your calls abroad.
You get our great rates without having to open an account or give out your credit card details. Start saving right here!

No  more crazy mobile prices topup2talk works from mobile phones too.

Just Dial Card Logo

The Just Dial Card service has been improved!

A couple of key changes have been made to the Just Dial Card service. These changes will benefit you by giving your customers more choice and an even better service! More.....

The £5 Card

You can now buy a new £5 Just Dial card - it is bought by texting the Keyword TOPMEUPASAP to 80550. The £3 card is still available but on the new 5-digit shortcode of 80041.

A New PIN Facility

The new Just Dial cards will allow you to make international calls on any UK phone. A PIN number is included in the text message sent back to you once you have bought either the £3 or £5 card. You can then use up the calling credit on any phone by entering the PIN before you dial - just as you would if they bought a calling card over a shop counter!

"Its a great time saver. No more walking to the shops to buy calling cards"
Annette, Manchester

"Most of my family live at the other end of the country. This is a great way of saving money for them and me."
Ziyad, Windsor

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Super Low Rates and service level records that's what we're about!

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Just Dial Unlimited Service Launched!

Huge Rate Cuts

Please note our new lower rate access for many destinations:
Ukraine Mob - 7p
Poland - 1p 
Pakistan inc Mob - 2p
Bangladesh inc Mob - 2p
China - 1p 
UK National  - 1p
Ireland Mob - 8p
Afghanistan - 20p
South Africa - 2p
Kenya inc Mob - 5p
Australia - 1p
New Zealand - 1p


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